Theo Films is an international and independent production company focused on narrative and documentary films. We are based out of Berlin, Germany, and Los Angeles, California.

We are not limited to any genre. We love to create meaningful, entertaining stories and memorable characters. We love to make movies that we want to watch.

We also enjoy tacos. Perhaps that is irrelevant to our mission statement, but they are delicious, and not irrelevant to us.

Narrative Shorts

The Liberation of A Tomato


A tomato disrupts the natural order of things by refusing to become a salad.

Runtime: 5 min.

Writer / Director: Joey Capone 

Producer / Cinematographer: Ela Roth

Ice Fishing

2021 (post production)

Two rival chefs test the breaking point of their friendship.

Runtime: 7 min.

Writer / Director: Joey Capone

Producer / Cinematographer: Ela Roth

Cast: Siebe Schoneveld, Joey Capone

Standing at the Edge

2021 – (in production)

A man’s search for the hidden meaning of sacred symbols bring him to the edges of the world — and his sanity.

Runtime: approx 9 min

Writer / Director : Joey Capone

Producer / Cinematographer: Ela Roth

Cast: Caitlyn Folley, Brian Stone, Jean-Claude Knobbe, Chau Ngyuen-Heusler, Joey Capone

Documentary Features

Reverse Caravan(in production)

The country of Honduras made headlines for the thousands fleeing to the southern border of the US. But why do people stay? Why do so many come back?

Directed by: Ela Roth & Joey Capone

Produced by: Ela Roth & Joey Capone

Photographed by: Ela Roth



An intimate, impressionistic film which invites you to re-examine the concepts of family, national identity, and responsibility.

Director / Cinematographer / Producer / Editor: Ela Roth

Producer, Assistant editor : Joey Capone

Editor: Carissa Mosley

Sound: Allen Branson

Score: Joel Ector, Derf Reklaw, Alfredo Rivera