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The country of Honduras made headlines because thousands of people fled to the southern border of the United States seeking a better life. Reverse Caravan takes a closer look at the opposite – especially on women comming back to their country to connect to their roots and help their communities cultivate their potential.

Director | Producer: Ela Roth Capone | Joey Capone
Co-Producer: Carlos Alberto Membreño Díaz
Cinematpgrapher: Ela Roth Capone | Joey Capone

60-90 min, English/Spanish, English Subtitle

The Children’s Guide to Astral Projection introduces you to your own out-of-body experiences and equips you to express your own private visions of the threshold between this earthly dimension and the astral plane.

Director | Producer: James Mathers

4-7 min, English/Spanish/German

In Pre-Production

Victoria, a young psychiatrist, watches footage of an
uncontacted Amazonian woman and is torn between our
consensual reality and allowing deeper knowledge to
come through.

Written by Joey Capone & Ela Roth Capone

90 min Feature Narrative

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The Salk Institute, La Jolla California (Creative Common License) designed by Architect: Louis Kahn

Neuroscience in Architecture: Building for Better Living focuses on how we can enhance human health and well-being through architectural design. We visit exemplary architecture and state-of-the-art buildings that implemented features like natural light, indoor green spaces, and air quality control in exceptional ways. We speak with architects and health experts to understand how new approaches to design can positively impact the well-being of people around the world.

Written and Produced by Kris Mun
Co-Writer Keith Kirts

Director: Ela Roth Capone

7 part mini-series

„This is how love must feel.“ – Joey Capone