Ela Roth Capone
Doesn’t believe in either/or … for the experience of life.

M.Sc. Health Economics, Univerity of Cologne

Writer, Cinematographer, Director

D Keith Kirts
Fishing for the truth in the deep river of reality.

Writer, Producer

Siebe Schoneveld
Chase your dreams, spend time with your loved ones and eat amazing food.

Actor, Producer

Leonor Valente Pereira
Purposely chaotic and lost in the incessant search for perspectives on life.

Graduate of the Cinema degree program and Master’s degree Multimedia Art, University of Lisbon

Writer, Producer

James Mathers
A battle hardened conceptual delinquent.

Writer, Director, Painter

Debra Rivera
Introducing ideas into the Overton (aka discourse) window, through connection and creativity.

Science Advisor, Grant Writer, and Intellectual Property Expert

Ika Kiermeir
Believes in creating – new and different – to the core.
Always from deepest emotion.

Fashion Designer, Stylist, Tailor

Chloe Sherman-Pepe
Stretching the limit of her imagination to capture both the beauty and eccentricity of reality.

BFA Photography
Photographer, Writer, Printmaker

Jospeh Steve Capone
Cinema God, directing from the other side.

Actor, Writer, Producer, Director

„This is how love must feel.“ – Joey Capone