Two Mothers (Trailer here)
A poetic, impressionistic film that invites you to reconsider established cultural concepts.

An East German and a Vietnamese family enter into a borderless adoption to keep their Vietnamese son, Chau, from deportation from Germany. Sixteen years later, Chau introduces his heritage to his German family as they travel together in Vietnam for the first time – they re-evaluate the very concepts of family, society, responsibility, and freedom.

Director | Producer: Ela Roth Capone
Cinematographer: Ela Roth Capone
Editor: Ela Roth Capone, Carissa Mosley
Sound: Allen Branson
Score: Joel Ector, Derf Reklaw, Alfredo Rivera

56 min, German/Vietnamese, English Subtitle

Ice Fishing
A pair of young chefs go fishing for more than tonight’s special.

8 min
Short Comedy Drama
Release Oct. 12, 2022 (United States)
Country of origin: Germany

„This is how love must feel.“ – Joey Capone