TheoFilms is an international and independent film production company. We are based out of Berlin and LA.

TheoFilms believes in:
working on eye level, human rights, informed consent (we stand for transparency and understanding before making decisions), creative collaborations, the power of the heart and the alignment of heart & reason for the big waves of reality.

TheoFilms thinks that:
we might think we know something but the more we know the more we understand we do not know. So we would never believe we know. We think we are on this planet to navigate our experience and try to expand our perception. We try to live an interpersonal and interdisciplinary approach.

TheoFilms is the result of the creative partnership of Joey Capone and Ela Roth Capone, as Matilda Sophia Capone is the result of their love.

TheoFilms is currently a partnership of Ela Roth Capone and Keith Kirts. We support and work with artists that aline with our mission.

To honor Joey Capone, TheoFilms keeps up his vision and his life long love with cinema.

Joseph Steve Capone with his daughter Matilda

„This is how love must feel.“ – Joey Capone